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Women’s contributions to the world have often been disregarded or hidden due to long-standing stereotypical notions. CWC challenges these notions with performances that convey images of empowered women, appreciated for their uniqueness, talent, spirit, and tenacity.
The very nature of CWC performances confronts or triggers our own individual values and feelings. What constitutes proactive politics, quality music, or a positive image of women is often debated internally. CWC seeks to embrace the diversity of experience brought by the ensemble members, as this is one of the central ways we grow as feminists. We strive to handle conflicting ideas gently, and to view them as opportunities for education and for growing closer as a chorus. Educating everyone about women and women’s music is vitally important to the creation of a truly egalitarian society. Creating social change through music requires respect and patience and is markedly enhanced by our mutual commitment.


Our Music

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